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Radically shift your life & career, grow & develop your organization,

and become a leader.

begin with a simple Perspective shift

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Getting intimate with the seven natures and three motivations has helped me understand myself and my clients so much better. It’s incredibly beneficial to be able to plot your progress and identify sticking points. The Project Evolve platform is something I keep coming back to again and again.
— Tam Veilleux, Life & Business Coach-

Intentional Evolution…

You know your business could be bigger, your finances could be healthier, your family can function better.

You have a sense that you could level up in some way, or you have a very defined vision.

You have a big life waiting for you. We have a framework to get you there.

Project Evolve... is no less than a way to break out and solve core problems that hold us back from success, profitability and happiness.
— Erika Gabrielsen Neumann, Founder EGG Group
The Project Evolve framework is a new kind of tool that will advance your time, health, relationships, and finances faster than you imagined.
— Tam Veilleux, from her book The Energy Almanac

Reflect • Develop • Leap

Here’s what others experienced when implementing the Project Evolve strategy into their lives & careers.