Project Evolve is a Portland-based start-up. We are the catalyst for radical growth for individuals, families, professionals, and their organizations.

We’ve developed a revolutionary, proven method for professional, financial, and personal evolution, and we’re dedicated to giving today’s innovators, entrepreneurs, change-makers, educators, conscious parents & partners what they need to become sustainable, profitable and make maximum impact with intention and integrity.

Project Evolve is a healthy company poised to be a trusted leader in facilitating growth and evolution. It’s an honor to stand along side of many others at the front of the evolving face of collaborative, intentional work-life and the next economy in Maine- and beyond.

Erin Elizabeth


Erin Elizabeth is passionate about helping entrepreneurs, dreamers, innovators, and change-makers evolve from here-and-now to their big, big visions. She is a Mainer who believes in the creative, collaborative spirit of Mainers who do their thing, and she is thrilled to bring this revolutionary platform to others so that they may bring their gifts to life. Former classroom teacher and with a background in media, sales, business/revenue development, Erin absolutely loves her work and brings it all to her clients.

Erin is also a parent, partner, artist, musician, and pet mama.

Photo by Jen Dean,  Jen Dean Photography

Photo by Jen Dean, Jen Dean Photography


Katie Brunelle

Director of Families & Education

Katie Brunelle worked in education as a classroom teacher and gifted & talented specialist for fourteen years. Then she transitioned into branding, marketing and founded a start-up company, acting as Chief Operations Officer. Katie is mama to two children who are far cooler than she’ll ever be. She makes sure to teach them the most important life skills, like how to open a savings account, pack their own lunches, and experience important cinematography such as the Back to the Future trilogy. She has a website ( where she shares stories and practices that empower parents with a balanced lifestyle.

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