Nature + Motivation: Investor-Manager


We’re often asked what this is all about and how it’s useful. To illustrate what we’re doing and why, here are some stories and case studies of the Evolutionary Method™ in real life.

The subconscious motto of the Investor is “what’s in it for me?” They don’t necessarily mean this selfishly, but it can be selfish if they aren’t aware of their nature. An Investor-Manager really gets in their own way when their attempts to manage outcomes of their investments actually paralyze them and prevent them from making decisions or taking action. Often an Investor will have many ideas, lots of pokers in the fire, tons of options. An Investor-Manager in our orbit missed out on big returns when they got too wrapped up in managing all their ideas and potential new revenue streams. Instead of looking at when to make a move, they spent endless hours thinking about what they could get out of each idea. During that time they could have started a new business project or invested in real estate, but in the time it took to finally determine they probably wouldn’t get enough of a return to justify their time and effort, the potential collaborators fell away, (most starting new ventures), and the property they loved sold to someone who invested in developing it. This is a well-established pattern for this individual, and it is the particular pitfall of the Investor-Manager who has all the potential in the world but doesn’t ever seem to move ahead. By “borrowing” a Pursuer’s mindset, an Investor-Manager can look ahead to more opportunities that yield increased ROI to manage and enjoy.


Lever & Earner Married

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