Financial Evolution boot camp

Online via Zoom | February 27 - April 10 | Noon to 1:30

$500 | Register Here

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Project Evolve is honored to collaborate with Tom Shepard of Currency Camp, CFP/Author/Coach to bring Financial Evolution Boot Camp to our community!

This class delivers vital information, deep self-knowledge, and an extremely effective financial evolutionary model empowering you to connect with and improve your finances. The benefits will last a lifetime.  

At the end of this course you will know how to:

  • Break out of the paycheck-to-paycheck trap.

  • Feel confident in how you spend your money.

  • Eliminate debt.

  • Create a financial surplus.

  • Save money appropriately and prepare for the future, (retirement, college expenses, financing a new business venture, etc.)

  • Invest for a second, unearned income.

  • Leverage your money to ease expenses.

  • Determine your path to financial independence.

During this course you will learn:

  • How you are wired to relate to money and value, your financial nature.

  • The order of each step on the financial evolutionary path and which step is your starting point.

  • What your next financial priority is and what to do to meet it.

  • How to keep yourself motivated to meet your goals and continue to evolve after each has been met.

  • To see your finances as a source of opportunity rather than a source of stress & pain.

  • The true meanings of “investing” and how to get the most from investing based on your nature and your goals.

  • The difference between “debt” and “leverage.”

At the end of this course you will have:

  • A true picture of your current financial position: where you are currently vs. where you think you are based on what you’ve been told or your own limiting beliefs.

  • A complete picture of your income & expenses as well as the tools necessary to revise your plan as it evolves.

  • A complete cash-flow statement and the tools to revise it.

  • A complete net worth statement.

  • A customized, intentional map for your evolution.

    • You’ll know the order of financially evolution, know how to determine where you are within that order, and see what comes next.

    • You’ll gain vital self-knowledge and clarity around your money empowering you to confidently and easily make decisions for yourself.

What others have to say about Financial Evolution Boot Camp:

  • "Excellent, intriguing model. Good visuals, charts, examples. It's clear you are passionate about this. Thank you!”

  • "This philosophy is more than money. This was my attraction [to it]. Helped [me] see where I'm stuck."

  • [My big take-aways are] "seeing finances as they are. Seeing all currencies. Spending time on reviewing my situation is VERY helpful. Seeing a cycle of philosophy in money."

  • [My big take-away is] "My anxiety about saving was preventing me from seeing that investment should be my next step."

  • "The natures and motivations are a life-changing framework. I was worried it would be a giant sales pitch or too simplified, so I really enjoyed the 'big picture' approach, (and complete lack of sales pitch)... I find myself wanting more..."

  • "Interesting way to look at what I actually do with money. It's not just 'how-to;' it's a deeper look in yourself."

  • "Very helpful and eye-opening to all types of currencies and how to understand more about where you are and how to move forward."

  • "Come with an open mind and a willingness to see your truth."

  • "I'm sensing I am more prepared than I thought. Interested to keep going. Psyched for next class!"