Project Evolve... is no less than a way to break out and solve core problems that hold us back from success, profitability and happiness.
— Erika Gabrielsen Neumann, Founder EGGroup, Member of Project Evolve's First Intensive Class

Having Erin Elizabeth in our middle school classroom to help students recognize their internal super hero was powerful. Her delivery is explosive, heart-felt, and engaging. Students were intrigued, inspired and safe to share how these super powers relate to them and play out in their lives. As an educator, it allowed me to collaborate with a dynamic partner and gain a new perspective on my students and their decision-making. Now, we have a framework and a vocabulary to build on as we continue to build our self-awareness in class."

— Katie M., Maine Middle School Teacher

Project Evolve has an instrumental role in Maine’s entrepreneurial ecosystem. For entrepreneurs and innovators who feel that money gets in the way, or is a neccesary evil in the creative process, this is the course to transform that mindset. Project Evolve puts money, materialism, health, relationships and time into a productive perspective so leaders can thrive. It is no less than a way to break out and solve core problems that hold us back from success, profitability and happiness.

—Erika Gabrielsen Neumann, Founder EGGroup

The more you know (about yourself), the quicker you can grow into the person you always thought you could be… The Project Evolve framework is a new kind of tool that will advance your time, health, relationships, and finances faster than you imagined.

— Tam Veilleux, from her book The Energy Almanac

Project Evolve helped illuminate my blind spots in how I run my business and approach my relationships and helped me to become a more well-rounded person and entrepreneur. I am now able act less out of impulse and first nature and be more strategic in my thinking, communication and decision-making.

— Allie Andrews, owner om body Health


Before taking the Find Your Nature quiz, I was giving my practice away to everyone and everyone and not seeing any sort of energy trade. My health, time, and stuff were all depleted as the result. I moved to an island to save my health. I have big, big goals and was struggling to find a way to get there. Project Evolve helped me to understand the Seven Natures and States to help me have an established road map on how to trudge my road of happy destiny. It also helps me to discover the people in my life who would best fit to help achieve the life of my wildest dreams. I feel so grateful for Erin reaching out to me in a critical turning point in my life. Since this training, I’ve been able to establish, create, and successfully teach several reiki trainings and yoga classes. And my journey is only beginning.

— Jill Schnorr, Usui Reiki Practitioner/ Teacher, Yoga Teacher

Erin has brought a key to my life: body, mind, and spirit. It’s the most organic coaching experience that works with applied structure in the most unique way to form-fit your body, mind, and spirit in your personal, professional, and universal life experience. Erin has an ability that surpasses your standard definition of what a coach is. She’s deeply intuitive, highly effervescent, by nature offering a high-level, high-powered, higher octave of “life support.” It’s a process of discovery, recovery, and evolution. And she brings with her a very special gift that I have never experienced. She’s an ass-kicker and a lover all at once, seeing life through the eyes of love where anything is possible. She is a guide, holding your hand as you discover the riches of your own soul. This is not coaching. It’s mastery.

— Willa Wirth, Silversmith, Photographer, Pianist